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Nov. 14th, 2009

(no subject)

How different would I be if I were with someone else?

How long will I think of you before the memories of you release me?

Jun. 21st, 2009

(no subject)

Thanks, Dr. Tracy.

Jun. 13th, 2009

I am 26?

Birthdays are weird.

Today was quite a good one though! I woke up feeling weird, probably due to drinking an amount of red wine last night, combined with the rainy weather, combined with the fact that birthdays are--weird. 

But Hunter and I went to breakfast and I had chocolate chip pancakes and way too much coffee. And I got a new lanyard for my ID badge at work which I first I wasn't that into but wore and really liked.

Met Erin after work at the Chocolate bar, had a drink and chocolate fondue. Got a bottle of wine and some cheese and salami--fancy!

Went out with Martha )my birthday twin!) and Steve to Hiroba Sushi which was really good. Maybe the best sushi I have ever had. Plus we must go during the week some time when they have drink specials (free sake or buy one get one beer, sweet!).

Feb. 25th, 2009

(no subject)

 Work has been hectic and stressful lately. Not always bad, but higher-pressure.

At my library we really see the effects of this economy, shaken out in awful uncomfortable and sometimes grimy ways. We are way more packed and busy because so many people don't have jobs, are frantically trying to get jobs, etc. It makes me feel really lucky and blessed to be in the situation I am, but it's also frustrating, upsetting and taxing.

We're really short-staffed, too. And the county is probably going to take a huge budget cut....and police, fire and "mandated services" get more money than the libraries do...so things could be going badly quite soon.

But, this is quite negative. I am reading The Time Paradox and it's really making me think--no more bad thoughts for now.

Jan. 20th, 2009

Today I cooked....

Pineapple curry and Coffee crunch bars. I have made the curry before; next time I will make it spicier and have more pineapple. The coffee crunch bars were delish though some edges were a little burnt; I ate too many of them. I don't think my butter was creamed throughout properly; at least I hope that's what the problem was because I don't know what else it would be!

Sep. 29th, 2008

MARC for everyone indeed!

 So my cataloging class is totally plaguing me, BUT--

<lj-cut text="I CAN understand this much better">
000 2965cjm 227334a 4500
Control Fields
001  ocn229174801
003  OCoLC
005  20080813122612.0
007  sd fsngnnmmneu
008  080528s2008 caumunn eng d
Data Fields
040   $aTEFMT  $cTEFMT  $dTEF  $dGK8  $dJED  $dNPUBL  $dBTCTA  
019   $a225876463  
024 1  $z5099920814427  
024 8  $a05099920814427  
024 1  $a099920814422  
028 02 $a509992 08144 27  $bEMI  
035   $a (OCoLC)229174801  $z (OCoLC)225876463  
037   $bMidwest Tape  $nhttp://www.midwesttapes.c om  
047   $app  $arc  $acy  
050 14 $aM1630.18  $b .N69 no. 28, 2008  
082 04 $a782.42164  $222  
090   $aCD/ROCK  $bNOW  
245 00 $aNow that's what I call music!  $n28  $h [sound recording].  
246 1  $iTitle on container spine:  $aNow.  $n28  
260   $aHollwyood, Calif. :  $bEMI,  $cp2008.  
300   $a1 sound disc (73 min.) :  $bdigital ;  $c4 3/4 in.  
511 0  $aVarious performers.  
500   $aCompact disc.  
505   $aBleeding love / Leona Lewis -- Break the ice / Britney Spears -- Killa / Cherish feat. Yung Joc -- Lollipop / Lil Wayne feat. Static Major -- Sexy can I? / Ray J. feat. Yung Berg -- With you / Chris Brown -- Te quiero / Flex feat. Belinda -- Pocketful of sunshine / Natasha Bedingfield -- No air / Jordin Sparks duet with Chris Brown -- Realize / Colbie Caillat -- Stop and stare / OneRepublic -- Say / John Mayer -- All around me / Flyleaf -- Shake it / Metro Station -- Beat it / Fall Out Boy feat. John Mayer -- whatever it takes / Lifehouse -- Feels like tonight / Daughtry -- In love with a girl / Gavin DeGraw -- You're gonna miss this / Trace Adkins -- Our song / Taylor Swift.  
591   $arg22  
650  0 $aPopular music  $y2001-2010.  
650  0 $aRock music  $y2001-2010.  
650  0 $aCountry music  $y2001-2010.  
690   $aCD Rock.  
690   $aRock CD.  
700 1  $aLewis, Leona.  $4prf  
700 1  $aSpears, Britney.  $4prf  
700 0  $aCherish  $c (Musician)  $4prf  
700 0  $aYung Joc.  $4prf  
700 0  $aLil Wayne.  $4prf  
700 0  $aStatic Major.  $4prf  
700 0  $aRay J,  $d1981-  $4prf  
700 0  $aYung Berg.  $4prf  
700 1  $aBrown, Chris,  $d1989-  $4prf  
700 0  $aFlex.  $4prf  
700 0  $aBelinda.  $4prf  
700 1  $aBedingfield, Natasha.  $4prf  
700 1  $aSparks, Jordin.  $4prf  
700 1  $aCaillat, Colbie.  $4prf  
710 2  $aOneRepublic  (Musical group)  $4prf  
700 1  $aMayer, John,  $d1977-  $4prf  
710 2  $aFlyleaf  (Musical group)  $4prf  
710 2  $aMetro Station  (Musical group)  $4prf  
710 2  $aFall Out Boy  (Musical group)  $4prf  
710 2  $aLifehouse  (Musical group)  $4prf  
710 2  $aDaughtry  (Musical group)  $4prf  
700 1  $aDeGraw, Gavin,  $d1977-  $4prf  
700 1  $aAdkins, Trace.  $4prf  
700 1  $aSwift, Taylor,  $d1989-  $4prf  
938   $aBaker and Taylor  $bBTCP  $nBECDCAP 08144  
994   $aZ0  $bNUW  
591   $a **REQUIRED FIELD**  
596   $aRN NW SO NV SP  

Sep. 22nd, 2008

Horrible scenarios that are hysterical.

 Isn't it weird to look at yourself? After drinking and talking to Steve on the phone I fucked around with my iPhoto. Hence my myspace photo.

Before I forget the reason for this entry: I randomly called Steve and he mentioned his ten year high school reunion was this fall. Oh yeah, I told him, you should totally go.

No no why would I want to go--but I'll go if you'll be my date.

Oh yeah because I bet Lou will be there--

Steve concocts fabulously entertaining story about how we are married and he is a professor and I am a librarian and pregnant and then we would make out in front of Lou and he would have a stroke.

Not funny but SO funny.

Life has some major stressors for me lately. I am taking a cataloging class that is probably going to kill me, I caught Hunter's gross hacking cold (though Zicam seemed to keep the worst at bay for me), I feel like I should be planning for the wedding/honeymoon/cleaning my house every single second before we are eaten alive by giant hairballs in our sleep--

Jul. 11th, 2008

(no subject)

The Bachelorette will be getting married before me. Huh.

Jun. 28th, 2008

(no subject)

Why are there so many bugs in my house?!

And I do not know how to use excel, or hardly anything on my new computer actually. Blargh.

May. 20th, 2008

(no subject)

Portrayals of librarians in popular culture.

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